European Commission Blue Invest executive breakfast: Spot us two from Bonafide Ltd.
European Commission Blue Invest executive breakfast: Spot us two from Bonafide Ltd.

The Management of Bonafide was invited by the European Commission to join its BlueInvest event in Brussels during May 2018.

The event describes itself as follows:

Blue Invest 2018: a match-making event that brings together innovators and the financial community to boost the economic potential of the ocean while protecting its marine resources.

The importance of the “Ocean Economy” has been pointed out in the recent OECD report entiteled The Ocean Economy in 2030. Accordingly, the OECD report points out the following 3 things:

  • Ocean based assets and economic activities offer prospects for new sources of growth, jobs, and innovation,
  • Environmental challenges may be better managed with the help of the ocean eonomy,
  • While also being at increased risk from enhanced economic activity, demographic and environmental pressures.

What did Bonafide Ltd. do at Blue Invest 2018?

We were invited to bring in our expertise. For this purpose we sat on the judging panel that evaluated the pitches presented in the “Food of the Ocean” section.

We heard some very interesting pitches from start-up companies from all over Europe that were also looking to get their projects financed.

While the seafood industry is still a young industry and in its early stages, the projects that were shown to us were impressive. Not only were they innovative but in some cases they also showed clearly how the entrepreneurs had already started the execution of their plans.

Brussel Blue Invest 2018
Brussel Blue Invest 2018

Incidentally, we had the opportunity to meet a few representatives of the organisers’ from the European Commission such as

There were many more from other public agencies and organisations, such as:

For us it was very interesting to hear and learn from these knowledgeable individuals while sharing our insights as investors in fish-farming.

Particularly our hands-on know-how from having visited and invested in such ventures around the globe was of interest to various participants we talked to including some of the start-ups. As investor visiting fisheries one learns many things and sees which execution plans work and which ones are doomed to fail.

What is your opinion

The European Commission needs to be congratulated for having organised such an important event. Not only was it interesting but its organisation was exemplary. It helped us as investor to get in touch with entrepreneurs.

What we liked was getting the chance to look at very interesting projects early on. That was surely to great work done by the European Commission to find these companies and connect us with them. For that we want to thank the European Commission.

But what interests us as well are your thoughts.

  1. What interesting seafood project have you come across recently?
  2. What do you like a lot regarding such events where investors and start-ups are brought together?
  3. Have you recently attended such an event?
European Commission and BlueInvest
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