The %22Bonafide%22 fishing team

Rivertrout fishing with the Bonafide Team in the beautiful Weisstannental, Mels.

The weather was beautiful.

Ready for fishing

The team ready to walk along and in the river Seez im Weisstannental – belonging to the region that is also called Heidiland.

At that time, we did not know that we were in for some exercise walking through the river for a couple of hours.

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where is the best spot

#SwissSelfie #LoveLaSuisse


Thats what these pictures should communicate to you, it was simply gorgeous.

the waiting game

Obviously, we are #VERLIEBTindieSCHWEIZ  #inLOVEwithSWITZERLAND.

Just view these beautiful images, will you please 🙂 Aren’t you a bit jealous?

In the river

Everybody was looking for the best spot to catch a fish.

A few times the conditions were far from optimal. We had to find our way in the river without falling or hurting ourselves.

Gilbert is smiling – his catch of the day

The first catch

Catch of the day. A nice river trout (see above).

The Bonafide team caught 8 river trout in 2 days of fishing. The largest trout we caught was 34 cm long.

ready for lunch

Lunchtime on Alp Siez (see above image).

After walking for almost 3 hours in the river, balancing and trying hard not to fall, we were ready for a break. So we had lunch at the lovely Alp Siez restaurant.


Besides fishing, we had enough time to enjoy the view and we saw a few wild animals on the way, of course.

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Wild trout fishing in the Weisstannental

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