Angel Coffin Bay Oysters2
Angel Coffin Bay Oysters2

That is a good question and yes, we wanted to find out. Hence, we travelled down under to find the best Pacific Oysters.

The world’s most famous Pacific Oysters (Crassostrea gigas) are farmed in South Australia.

We visited such a farm near Port Lincoln.

From Port Lincoln we drove for one hour to reach Coffin Bay. Here we visited the facilities of Angel Seafood.

Coffin Bay in South Australia is a great location for growing Crossostrea gigas. First and foremost, all bays in South Australia are benefiting from waters that are highly nutritious. To a large extent this is due to the fact that these waters are relatively cold and flow from Antarctica all the way to the South Australia coast. In turn they contain much nutritious material.

This is the best environment to grow Oysters and it is perfect, because waters already contain many nutrients that these Crossostrea Gigas need to grow.

Angel Coffin Bay Facility
Angel Coffin Bay Facility

In the facility they are using a machine for sorting the Oysters.

In the Baskets out in the see, oysters grow to different sizes. In turn, a machine is needed that can sort these easily.

If the harvested oysters are too small, they go back into the Bay to grow some more.

Angel Bonafide at Coffin Bay
The Bonafide Team visiting at Coffin Bay

Have a look at one of the oysters in the picture below. The color is astonishingly white and indicates a high quality product.

To our best knowledge, it is hard to find such high quality product elsewhere.

They are labeled und Friend of Seas and as testified as “NASAA Certified Organic”. You can’t find such a good quality elsewhere in the world.

Angel Fresh Oyster3
Angel Fresh Oyster3

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We were very impressed with what was shown to the Bonafide team in Australia during our visit at Coffin Bay. Tasting of Fresh Oysters was incredible.

But what we are interested in is to hear from you:

  1. Did you know that one of the best Oysters are farmed in South Australia?
  2. What do you know about Oyster Farming?
  3. Have you ever had Oyster from Down Under?
Pacific Oysters: How much yummier can they be?
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