Argentina Red Shrimp Brüssel
Argentina Red Shrimp Brüssel

Seafood Expo events claim to deliver the the highest quality trade events for seafood buyers and suppliers. So we wanted to put this claim to a test and decided to attend this year’s event in Brussels called:

Let me tell you, it was huge, impressive and, yes, well organised indeed.

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There are two more events such as the one in Boston and one called Seafood Expo Asia in Wanchai, Hong Kong.

Bonafide has joined this year the Seafood Expo in Brussel in Late April.

In this entry we tell you a bit about our experiences at this event. We try to do this visually with a few pictures.

KIng Crab Brüssel
KIng Crab Brüssel

And here an important message from our sponsor – i.e. a message from the Seafood Expo!

Aquaculture outlook Brüssel
Aquaculture outlook Brussel

62% of food fish will come from aquaculture by 2030 … and to meet this huge demand, aquaculture production will need to increase by 44.6 million metric tons.

The above is taken from the “Fish to 2030: Prospects for Fisheries and Aquaculture” an FAO study from 2014 (see summary in the FAO Blog here).

A big, very, very, big number.

Leroy in Brüssel
Leroy in Brussels

The things shown was just incredible.

All kinds of value added products, produce as well as tools.

Whatever one needs in the field of aquaculture was to be found at the Seafood Expo Global.

Leroy's new food Brüssel
Leroy’s new food Brussels

Some Norwegian salmon farming companies are very much focussing on value added products.

You can see a picture just below.

Marine Harvest Brussel
Marine Harvest Brussels

Global excellence can be found aplenty at this trade fair. The website states:

The fair features more than 1,800 exhibiting companies from over 75 countries.

Cleans Seas Yellow Tail Kingfish
What a beautiful Fish. Cleans Seas Yellow Tail Kingfish is one of the best King Fish in the world. Famous Restaurants in Australia are ordering the Fish from Clean Seas in South Australia.

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Source: Seafood Expo Global Brussels: Our impressions

  1. Did you attend this year’s Seafood Expo Global / Seafood Processing Global in Brussels?
  2. Which is your favourite seafood expo?

Please let me know your thoughts on these or any other issue regarding aquaculture. I am interested.


Seafood Expo Global Brussels: Our impressions
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