Bonafide in Mannheim 2020 1
Bonafide in Mannheim 2020

Bonafide has joined the “Fondskongress“, a congress in Mannheim many years ago. This event is in the opinion of the Bonafide team the best opportunity to present the companies work and strategy in front of professional investors that are eager to invest in the future of sustainable aquaculture around the world.

Bonafide Fondskongress Mannheim 2020
Bonafide Fondskongress Mannheim 2020

Bonafide connects sustainable fish and seafood businesses and investors who realize the tremendous potential of the industry. This year we wanted to give the visitors a special taste of our sector we are analyzing and investing. A Sushi Master was preparing Salmon and Sushi around lunchtime on both of the Fondskongress days. The Salmon had a great taste and was great presented (please see short movie below).

But what we are interested in is to hear from you:

  1. Have you ever joined the Fondskongress in Mannheim?
  2. What was your experience when you visited congresses like this or came in touch with fonds investments? Productive or waste of time?
  3. How important is sustainability in the seafood sector in your opinion?
Fondskongress Mannheim
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2 thoughts on “Fondskongress Mannheim

  • Dear Mrs Sinistra!
    Thank you for your mail. We are glad to be be invested in the bonafide fish fund for a part of our customers since several years. . And we ar shure that we shall recommend the fund also in future
    to our investors..

    Best regards
    Thomas Schmidt

  • Ich komme jedes Jahr zum Fondskongress, habe aber in 2020 Ihren Stand nicht gefunden. Ich vermutete, dass Sie in diesem Jahr aussetzen..? Eigentlich kenne ich den Ort, wo Ihr Stand üblicherweise platziert ist. Sehr schade. Eine Frage noch: Kann es sein, dass gelegentlich der Handel mit Fondsanteilen aussetzt? Ich wollte vor Wochen Anteile der Tranche EUR ordern, doch die Augsburger Aktienbank teilte mit, dass keine vorhanden wären..?

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