Hiramasa Kingfish Clean Seas
Hiramasa Kingfish Clean Seas

Recently we made another trip to down under.

Who is the biggest producer of Kingfish outside Japan. The answer is Clean Seas in Australia. We tell you about our visit to this great operation.

What is a Kingfish?

In Jamaica, Kingfish is a word for a police officer.
But in our context, we are talking about Hiramasa Kingfish(Seriola lalandi). This is a fish that  Japanese sushi masters will tell you is the best fish you can probably get for sashimi.

Kingfish (Seriola lalandi) is part of the Carangidae family of jacks and yellowtails. It has what is called a circum-global distribution in warm to tropical water. Accordingly, Pacific and Indian oceans are its home.

Hatchery production of kingfish is well established in South Australia. It can involve broodstock conditioning, controlled spawning. But also larval rearing and juvenile production are being used. For instance, hatchery produced fingerlings can be raised in sea cages off the South Australian coast.

The excellent water conditions around Port Lincoln is the perfect environment to grow out Kingfish.
Farmed kingfish grow quickly in captivity, reaching 3-4 kg in 18 months.

As the above picture illustrates, Hiramasa Kingfish(Seriola lalandi) is a beautiful species.

Exploring Clean Seas facilities

Clean Seas Cage
Clean Seas Cage

Early in the morning the Bonafide Team went out with a boat to visit the cages in the Bay near Port Lincoln.

We wanted to get a overview about the grow out conditions of the King Fish. Fortunately, we had perfect weather conditions and enjoyed a calm sea.

Clean Seas has the Friend of Sea (FOS) label and is working to achieve also the ASC Label.

Clean Seas at the cage
Clean Seas at the cage

Today, Clean Seas is the global leader in full cycle breeding, production and sale of Yellowtail Kingfish. The company is renowned world-wide for its exceptionally high quality fish.

It is also proud of its recognised efforts regarding innovation in Yellowtail Kingfish farming. It is the largest producer of aquaculture Yellowtail Kingfish outside of Japan.

Cleans Seas Visit The Team Adelaide
Cleans Seas Visit The Team Adelaide

We had the opportunity to visit the new processing facility in Adelaide.

Maybe  the best freezing technology (Liquid Nitrogen Rapid Freezing) in the world will be used there.

The taste is excellent!!!  It’s the speed that preserves the texture, colour, aroma and taste.

No wonder they call it SensoryFresh.

During a blind tasting, we were unable to tell which of the sample was the frozen and which the fresh caught one. That well does this technology work.

Clean Seas Freezing Machine 2
Clean Seas Freezing Machine 2

What is your opinion? Join the conversation

We were very impressed with what was shown to the Bonafide team in Australia such as a great new facility and the freezing technology which made it impossible for us to identify the frozen fish in a blind sample test.

But what we are interested in is to hear from you:

  1. Do you purchase or use FOS labelled fish?
  2. What do you know about good fish farm infrastructure management?
  3. Have you ever tasted King Fish from Clean Seas (Australia)?
  4. Have you tasted Kingfish from Australia or any other place in the pacific or Indian ocean?
Check out our Gallery for more pictures.
Yellowtail Kingfish farming: Growing Sashimi market
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